Please be advised that new working practices are now in place since the outbreak of Covid19 and everyone needs to be aware and to follow the new government guidelines and also the specific guidelines imposed by the British Acupuncture Council for Acupuncture treatments.

Firstly every patient MUST now read and sign a consent form issued by the British Acupuncture Council. The form basically enquires if you have any potential COVID19 symptoms, the risks to vulnerable patients and is a consent form to allow me to treat you. There is a link to the form on the top menu or you can click here

The patient will need to either text or e-mail me direct to say they have at least read the form.

They will then have to download and complete the form, sign it and bring it along to the treatment session. If it is not practical to download the form then still let me know you have read it and you can complete and sign one on arrival.

New Guidelines for patients visiting Codsall

On Arrival Please arrive on time. There will be NO waiting areas.

Ideally please text or call me to a minute or so before your appointment time.

Hopefully I should then be waiting for you at the door. If not press the buzzer and wait until I open the door DO NOT enter the building. You will then be asked to sanitise your hands with an Alcohol based cleanser. Please let me know beforehand if you have any intolerances or allergies to any cleaning products.

A mask will be provided on your arrival that you must wear throughout your visit. You will then follow me through into my treatment room.


During the treatment. My existing patients will already be aware that I have always taken patient safety very seriously with regards to hygiene and limiting the potential of any possibility of cross contamination between myself the practitioner or any patients. The treatment couch has disposable couch roll and disposable pillow cases which are replaced after every patient. I also supply disposable gowns if female patients need to undress. As you would expect medical grade hand cleaner and sanitiser is liberally applied throughout the treatment whenever if need to touch the patient.

Additional measures that are now needed

 As I greet you at the door I will be wearing a new set of gloves, face mask , and apron. I will also have a face shield (these are re-useable when cleansed but they are fresh for each patient. I have enough stock that it will be at least 4 days between cleaning and using again.) The gloves will then be discarded once we are both inside the room, I will then apply hand cleanser.

Please travel light, large shopping bags or rucksacks should be avoided. Any outdoor rainwear, umbrellas or top coats need to be placed outside on the coatrack provided.

You will be asked to sit at a specific chair.

During the treatment I will need to make contact with you skin to insert the needles. But just to emphasise that during the day and the treatment I will be constantly applying medical grade cleanser suitable to defeat any COVID19 or indeed many of the other pathogens that we all carry.

Payment – Cash is still acceptable but I would request that you have the correct amount. There will be a box supplied outside the treatment room where any cash can be placed. You can also  pay online either by direct transfer to my bank, or using PayPal. I do not accept cards. .Patient Consent Form